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One other thing to bear in mind: the Hertz Damage Report is NOT -- repeat NOT acceptable to many/most insurance companies as sufficient documentation for a claim. You do need it as part of the claim package, but what you really need is for Hertz to create a claim (with a "demand letter") that officially opens up an insurance claim case. Also, take plenty of photos -- you can't count on Hertz to provide the photos of the damage for your insurer.

What Hertz has a nasty habit of doing is simply charging whatever they want to your credit card and then exiting stage left. Talk with the manager at the local Hertz outlet before you leave and either ensure an actual claim is opened within Hertz, or obtain their assurance that a claim will be opened. Get names and phone numbers if you need to make follow-up phone calls directly with the manager.
It's unwise to assume that Chase's documentation requirements are identical to Amex's. Chase might require more; it might require less; it might require the same. The OP should see if Chase's description of car-rental coverage is available on line, and if it is, he should print a copy to bring to Hertz when he returns the damaged vehicle.
Yeah, the documentation I need I got from the chase insurance rep I talked to myself and the only documents he mentioned were:
- Initial and final rental agreements
- credit card statement showing the charges
- pictures of the accident.
- Itemized estimate of repair or repair bill (may be known as cost matrix)
- Auto rental company accident report (with damage marked on form)

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It doesn't mean that. Violating the terms means that the $4000 plus 29% limit does not apply and the renter is liable for full value of the vehicle

Single vehicle excess is the additional amount payable when the accident is that of a single vehicle and increases liability by another $2200 plus admin fee ( unless exempt the SVA excess )
From https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/reser...CTION&EOAG=SYD

This would seem to be a single vehicle accident so would seem that the max excess would be ($4000 + $2200) plus 29% airport location fee =$7,998
Alright so this starts getting into the territory of money I don't have. I can maybe spread over various credit cards but. Is this something they have a right to collect but may not collect? Or they absolutely will collect this?
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