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Originally Posted by Dave Noble
Originally Posted by guv1976 View Post
"And what's that other additional "Single Vehicle Excess" charge all about?"

Violating the terms/conditions of the rental agreement, e.g., driving drunk; engaging in a speed competition; driving on unpaved roads; or whatever your particular contract prohibits.
It doesn't mean that. Violating the terms means that the $4000 plus 29% limit does not apply and the renter is liable for full value of the vehicle

Single vehicle excess is the additional amount payable when the accident is that of a single vehicle and increases liability by another $2200 plus admin fee ( unless exempt the SVA excess )
From https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/reser...CTION&EOAG=SYD

Originally Posted by hertz
Single Vehicle Accident

If the rental vehicle is damaged in a Single Vehicle Accident (an accident not involving a collision between the rental vehicle and another vehicle, other than a parked vehicle), you are liable for the cost of repair up to the amount of the ADE plus AUD $2200 (inclusive of GST). This currently applies to all vehicles at all locations and can be waived with the purchase of Maximum Cover at participating locations.
This would seem to be a single vehicle accident so would seem that the max excess would be ($4000 + $2200) plus 29% airport location fee =$7,998
I was referring to this language:

"provided I have not otherwise breached the Terms and Conditions."

I would be very surprised if the damage shown in the OP's photos would approach the limit -- without or without the SVE -- unless the collision with the pole resulted in damage to the car's frame.
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