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Originally Posted by kshastry View Post
While I don't want to sound negative, such announcements made in excited situations for emotional reasons won't last long.

BLR, though a tech city, may not have traffic and cargo to sustain such route profitably. If they had done BLR-NYC, and found a good partner in that hub (UA?) for further connections, it could have been sustained perhaps.

Not long ago, AI did BOM-LAX with one stop and burnt its finger.
I think most of us on this forum feel along the same lines.

I'd have thought even DEL-SFO would make more sense, with BLR-DEL a tag flight; on the lines of current AI 126 HYD-DEL-ORD.
DEL is undeniably a better hub, you have good presence, plus DEL originating traffic would help too. Pure O&D traffic from BLR who wants to pay top dollar for a non-stop wouldn't necessarily fill this flight with enough loads to sustain the route.

Well I guess its better than keeping those 77Ls idle, but can't help but feel this route won't see the success they envision this to be.
This was purely a "See how we made AI a World Class airline by introducing a longest flight" kinda political announcement.

Update: Its indeed a DEL-SFO flight after all ! AI just revised its statement.
I should buy a lottery ticket today !

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