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Originally Posted by jlemon View Post
3. Vamanos Mexico! This airline offers the only nonstop service between Houston and Acapulco via a single daily flight aboard an all-economy class configured airplane. Identify the airline and the aircraft utilized.

I am just about 100% sure this was not Braniff International operating an all-coach configured B727-200 as I cannot recall the original BN ever operating single class jet equipment. Their initial BAC One-Eleven aircraft even had a first class section in addition to coach as some of you may recall I flew in F on board the airplane with Braniff. BN did operate nonstop IAH-ACA service at one point with F/Y configured B727-200 aircraft.

I am shocked, jlemon! Truly shocked! Your memory fails you on this one as this flight was indeed operated by Braniff. I'd photograph the schedule but it's in snowy Fairbanks and I'm in steamy Stamford, CT. Suffice to say I do recall there was nothing special about the flight, i.e. notices that it operated only over a period of say - 2-3 days.

I do recall flying Braniff in October 1981 DEN-DFW-LGA-DFW-DEN on which the DEN-DFW-DEN segments were (I seem to recall...) operated by all-economy class 727-200s.

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