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I previously staid at this hotel when it first opened last December.

Check-in: Small lobby on the first floor with two check in counters. Very friendly staff who spoke perfect English. The 2nd floor is more of the lounge / lobby area that had a restaurant and their concierge desk.

Room: I was upgraded to what I believe was a marvelous suite using a SNA. Very nice room with a full bathroom and a half bathroom. Full size bottles of bliss products, two vanity sinks, full bathtub and separate shower. The living room was nice as well with a sectional type couch and small bar area. Only complaint is the standard W room type with everything fairly open however most frequent W guests will know what they are getting into.

Breakfast: Standard breakfast fair for platinum amenity: fruit, cured meats, cheeses and pastries/breads. The breakfast was served in the restaurant area. Not sure if they had additional options as my waiter had limited English (frequent in Colombia).

Gym: I am a gym rat and usually hotel gyms do not fit my needs. At this hotel this was not the case because there was a full size gym and decent indoor pool that you can do labs in. Also has a "studio" that you could stretch or yoga. Also, there were a couple of trainers that asked if I need help.

Staff: Staff was great during my stay. The lady at the concierge desk was able to get a car for me and charge it to my room which is very nice in Colombia (Bogota also has Uber). Overall most of the staff spoke perfect English minus the wait staff at the restaurant.

Area: The hotel is in the Usaquen area. I go to Bogota maybe 2-3 times a year and the Usaquen area has always been described to me as an up and coming area with a lot of great restaurants that rivals Zona Rosa. The hotel is across the "Septima" (highway/major street) from all the restaurants and bars. I would feel comfortable walking around the area but locals may advise against it. Overall safe area but one should always be cognizant of petty crime.

Overall great hotel. I am usually not a big W fan having staid at their locations at Lake Shore Chicago, Dallas and New York. This hotel felt a little more personal, boutique like and not so beaten up as the previous Ws I have staid at. As I mentioned the room was a little awkward with the open bathrooms but still comfortable.

Here is a video of the room I staid in:

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