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Originally Posted by MichalFKowalik View Post
- Right bank of Wisla River - Praga - not many tourists there!
- Karczew / Otwock - Jewish colonies pre WW2
- sizable forest 45mins outside of Warsaw - Kampinoski Park Narodowy. But that's more than 3 hours
- Zegrze Lake - also a bit of nature.

again, good one must admit, majority of stuff happening in town though

Thank you.
I have done a fast google and map search on your suggestions.

And they seem to be spot on ( except maybe for the Kampinoski Park - I wouldn't mind seeing a moose though, if it could be persuaded to come to the edge of the park area ).
I am planning on visiting the Zoo though as I haven't been there before.

I am almost sure that I haven't been to the Praga area before, actually I don't think I have been to that side of the river at all.
I have mainly been to the area from the central station to old town, old town itself and the Jewish sights.

But I definitely haven't been to Otwock/Karczew area which I am certainly interested in seeing.
I'll probably be staying at the Doubletree so I am already halfway there.

Zegrze lake is an option depending on when I am going. I actually like water, channels and harbours (neither counts as nature in my book...). I also think that I saw a picture of some sort of tourist boat (and I love sailing) so I'll check that out more carefully later.
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