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Originally Posted by jfriend33 View Post
AWESOME! Well that will certainly lessen the blow of the 22.9% APR. I would NEVER carry a balance on the card anyway as it would negate the rewards.

I am just sad that BOA gave me their highest APR when I am already an AU on a bank americard converted to Cash Rewards 0 for 21 months then 14.99 percent, and this is the person I did the joint application for the amtrak card with. 10k limit on the au card, and 2.1 k limit on the joint.

However I am very glad my 3 hard inquiries were combined into 1. The initial app for amtrak, denied, the joint app for amtrak, and my solo app for bbr that was denied, all combined into one HP.

Interesting that I was just approved for 0 for 18 months then 13% with citibank for a doublecash, their lowest interest. Chase and amex gave me 5k limits at 15%, care credit 15k....2% util, 2 year AAOA. 750's across the board.. At least in 3 months,6 months, etc I can try to get the APR reduced. Just wish I could recon the APR so its a little less insulting!

Glad I got approved...but it was kinda cocky on my part to press on... I basically didnt want to have 1 HP result in a denial... but now with the 1 account being split into two, I dont think the joint applicant could ever get a bonus even though I was the main applicant (maybe in 24 months?). It would have been better to just let the joint person app, make me an AU, then in a year try apping for my own and get a 2nd bonus. C'est la vie.

So yeah if you have only been using credit cards for 27 months.... and have 20 inquiries... I would hold off applying..even with scores in the mid 700's

Had I been more responsible, I bet I could have used 1 HP with my partner, got 1 BBR and 1 amtrak. Make me AU on both. Then go on my own and get 1 of each.
If you don't have any need or desire to carry a balance (which is wise), why do you care what the APR is?
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