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Originally Posted by ysolde View Post
Thank you. It probably would not have occurred to us to carry our passports with us more readily than we normally do now. While we are not the sort of people who usually get questioned, stereotypes being what they are (to quote Clairee Belcher in Steel Magnolias, my husband and I, "Look like we have been carved out of cream cheese."), security is no doubt heightened right now, and ID checks may be a bit more common.

As to trains being delayed and cancelled, we are expecting that, and will accept it with patience and good cheer.
German police are by and large well-mannered and orderly professionals and so long as you are able to present a US passport you should not have any issues.

Delays and cancellations are another matter altogether and I would say that you should expect one or both to happen. If possible, readjust your plans to fly instead of take the train. If not, just don't arrange your plans such that you NEED to arrive soon after your scheduled arrival.

At this point I do not think it is worth canceling an entire trip, or even avoiding any particular country, but the situation is very fluid and you should follow any and all developments.
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