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I agree 100%. I've made two MIA trips and one to SAN the past few days and have experienced a lot. A new 767 business class, an old 767 business class, two new 737 cabins and two old ones. My best crew by far was the one in the old 767 business class. I even chatted with them for a while in the front of the cabin for a while, it was also the only flight (5 of the 6 were in F) that I was offered a PDB. I also got a 30 day AC pass (good through the beginning of October as I'll be doing a fair amount of flying this month) and used it for the first time yesterday... The club at D14 in MIA was outstanding. When I was in it it was largely empty and extremely quiet and I was able to actually get 3 solid hours of work done! I would also agree that AA needs to work to better provide some consistency, doing so would take an airline that I enjoy flying and make it that much better.
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