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Originally Posted by Exec_Plat View Post
Ive been a CK for a while, so my experience isnt of much value as a comparator.

I have not done that for an intl to domestic at LAX. yes D to D, at LAX as well as DFW. Ive not missed.

If it blew up, Id expense it- so dont confuse my blase attitude with assurance.

Having said that, as a coach pax, with bags and no global entry? Id be nervous. F, no bags, GE and ive made it from plane at T4, onto a shuttle, over to TBIT and back to T4 through flagship and into T4 in ~20 minutes. But if the inbound flight is late, all the on-the-ground speed in the world is no use.

As a back up to standby, you can hold a coach saver or worst case an anytime, on a later flight. Might burn that if standby looks ugly. if you dont need it, as an EP its free. Depends on your balance.

Overall, Id like to plan for success and if the gamble on timing is OK, then nothing stupid, like an agent saying no, would ruin the plan. In my scenario you are biasing towards success against possible cost. ..... In the 'reserve later, beg sooner flight' scenario you are protected against financial risk, but leaving more to chance (timing has to work PLUS agent must agree)

Edit- just saw you are PLT. are award cancellations free?
Despite the difference in status, your experience is still extremely valuable in terms of making me consider different variables.

Award cancellations are $125 150 for redepositing the points as PLT, I believe. And I can only hold an award for 2 hrs prior to the departure, so putting one on hold within 24 hours of departure wouldn't work - as I wouldn't know yes/no 2 hours before departure, if available at that point.

I appreciate the note on the expense part, that is good to know. Although I wouldn't be expensing it, the only way I would take the risk is fully knowing I may incur a rough estimate of cost should things completely fall apart.

It really comes down to the financial risk vs the potential reward, and if I'm comfortable with that. And how much of that risk do I want to hedge up front in cost, if I do take that risk.

All that said, I'm not looking for anyone to tell me "yes, you'll for sure make it" or anything of that nature, or pick Option A/B. I was most interested in what unintended consequences I may not be considering, in order to fully weigh the risk vs reward of both options. And you've done an excellent job with that. Thank you, good sir

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