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Originally Posted by hartlogan View Post
I'm looking for some advice on the best way to approach a 1hr35m non-MCT conn in LAX .
My travel agent can override the MCT pop-up in Sabre and book and ticket flights that do not comply with the MCT.

This is done knowing im a big boy and will deal with consequences.

The upside is I book the ticket as one ticket.

The good news is if I had a bag checked (only 2 times in the last 150k miles) that checked back would not prevent me from getting onto the earlier flight. if I physically get to the earlier flight, I am golden.

If I miss it, I am on standby.

or... maybe hold a changeable booking on a later flight (award or paid). If you make the early you cancel, if you miss the early you bight the bullet.

Again, an agent can override.
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