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I'm looking for some advice on the best way to approach a 1hr35m non-MCT conn in LAX that gets me direct to DEN vs waiting an extra 3 to 6 hours for a one-stop or non-stop flight, respectively.

1) Arriving on QF15 BNE-LAX at 6:25am. I know arrival time varies depending on flight time and how far away the plane parks in the annex terminals.

2) Flights for LAX-DEN, only looking at OW/AA partners at this point.
A) AA5932: Dep 8am; Arr 11:29am, nonstop
B) AA491/AA1951: Dep 10:05am, Arr 3:02pm, Conn PHX
C) AA225/AA1634: Dep 9:30am, Arr 4:46pm, Conn DFW
D) AA5903: Dep 2:50pm, Arr 6:14pm, nonstop
3) I won't be in the front of the plane, so I won't be the first off unless a FA will agree to help me out in that respect.

4) I'll have checked luggage to collect and transfer. If this shows up later than me in DEN though, that's fine.

5) I need to get to DEN by 2pm if at all possible. 6pm isn't feasible, with my current schedule.


A) Book Flight A on a separate ticket and hustle to make the connection, and check-in online before leaving BNE. However, because it doesn't meet the MCT, I see two possible issues. If I hit a delay I believe AA isn't obligated to put me on a later flight via their AA/OW separate ticket connection policy. The MCT window might also cause issues interlining baggage with the Qantas desk in BNE. I would welcome some input on both those issues, especially any real-world experiences. Or any other hiccups/restrictions you see.

B) Book Flight B on the same PNR, and try to sweet-talk my way onto Flight A once I get to LAX, time permitting. I successfully did this when I went through a year ago with plenty of extra time, but it involved me lugging my baggage to T4 because they couldn't make the change at the TBIT transfer desk. When I got to T4, they still couldn't confirm me, so I went to the gate and luckily got moved from standby to confirmed. My bags also made it, thanks to some hard work by a gate agent. I was only AA Silver at that time, if that makes any difference. Does AA Plat make this option any smoother, by chance?

Option A is much riskier with potential consequences, but would guarantee me a seat if I can make it. Option B is much safer, but I could hustle to connect and not get a seat.

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