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Originally Posted by mattp1987 View Post
I had a strange experience yesterday. I bought SMGCs, set PINs, and went to Walmart to load to Serve. Kate, which had been down on my last trip, was working. But, when I tried to load it asked me to enter my PIN which I did. Then, instead of proceeding to load, the keypad again said enter PIN but this time instead of being blank and filling with *s as I typed, it should 9 blanks _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and filled with the numbers visible as I typed. I tried with two different gift cards and got the same result. I didn't try to load with a cashier because there's a different Kate I can visit tomorrow. I was also dumb and didn't pull out my BB to see if it gave the same result. Anyone know what's going on?
that Kate has a bug asking for 9digit PIN which, as of today, no one has discovered the solution. Many of the kiosks affected takes months before they get fixed (if they're fixed at all). You can still load at the registers or at Money Center.
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