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Question for whomever has the Simon Guest Services Manual or whomever knows the policy:

I went to a Simon Mall about a month ago with my father who's an authorized user on my cc, both cards have the same account number. He bought $2.5k and I was going to buy $5k (that's all the available credit I had at the time). We were being waited on by two different employees. They rang him up quicker and the lady who rang him up wrote down his last name and the last four of the CC. Right before my clerk went to swipe my CC she checked something with the lady who rang up my father and that lady said that their policy was they could only swipe one CC per account per day (including authorized users), and wouldn't let me pay with that CC because she said the CC# was the same. I asked her how she knew that the CC# was the same when she only has the last four digits of my father's CC but she wouldn't answer me.

This was weird because I went to that Simon Mall with my father two times before in the previous month and did the same thing and they didn't have that problem but this was a different lady. Wound up canceling my transaction and they gave me the number of their boss to call. I never bothered but I'm wondering if they followed the correct policy that time?
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