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Will make Lifetime Platinum in 1 year - meanwhile switch to Hilton - sound strategy?

I'm wondering if I'm missing anything from this strategy.

Currently requalified for Platinum, and am about 250K points short of LT Plat (over 1,500 LT nights). I'm Hilton Gold, and will lose that if I don't work on it. I can choose my hotels, but often will choose based on convenience for work.

I figure that, all things being equal, I can make the 250K points needed for LT in 2016. 250K points = $16,666 = 83 nights at $200/night. I project that I can make that in 2016 if nothing changes work wise. I've been doing my job for 15 years, so change next year is unlikely.

So even if I switch to working on my Hilton status, I will still enjoy uninterrupted Platinum status and benefits through 2015, 2016 and forever on (unless Marriott changes their program). There's little status earning incentive to stay with Marriott in 2015 any more. I'll still use Marriott for redemptions and when it makes sense location wise.

What am I missing?

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