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DYKWIA...The Next Generation

One thing I am now sure of is that DYKWIA's will continue on for generations to come...

I was on a flight from SLC to MCI. I was sitting in the first row of C+. A few minutes later, a family came on board to get to their seats in F. The mother and father were sitting in the last row of F on the right side, and their son, about 14 or 15, was sitting in the last row of F on the left side. The kid pulled his personal electronic device out of his backpack and sat the backpack on the floor next to his seat. He then said "my bag needs to be put in the overhead bin." Apparently, no one listened, so then he reiterated, "I SAID (with emphasis) my bag needs to be put in the overhead bin!" An FA came along, grabbed the backpack and placed it in the overhead bin. The kid didn't even thank her.

The FA then asked if he would like something to drink. He stated, "I will have a Coke." The father looked at the FA and said, "He'll have a Sprite." The kid looked at his father and said "I SAID I will have a Coke." The father reiterated, "I said you will have a Sprite." The kid then said one more time "I'M GETTING a Coke." The father then said very sternly, "You're GETTING a Sprite!". The kid took his headphones and forcibly put them over his ears with a loud "Hmmmmph!"

At the end of the flight, when we landed at MCI, the kid stated "I need my bag out of the overhead bin." The father gets up, opens up the overhead bin, grabs the backpack, and hands it to the son. The son looked at his father, and said "Why did you do that? That's why we have Flight Attendants! It's their job to do what we want them to do since we are flying First Class!"

After the family got off the plane, and before I got off, the FAs just shook their head in disbelief.

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