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Originally Posted by uclacolumbiaunc View Post
As a Medallion Gold, I have been upgraded every time I booked an economy fare with Delta. All of them are short one hour flights, so I can't speak for the chance of upgrade for longer transcontinental flights. But based on the fact that I have up graded every single time, I would guess that, other than the major routes like LAX-JFK/LAX-ATL, I would have pretty good chance for upgrade.

On the other hand, I am doing a status match challenge with United (Premier Gold), and I have flown a few LAX-SFO routes on United a few times, and I have yet to clear for Premier upgrade even once. (Though I did get upgraded once for a SNA-SFO flight). The only perk from United is the access to Economy Plus at booking, which Delta took away from Gold status earlier this year.

I am not sure if this is coincidence, but is it true that United generally has pretty low complimentary upgrade among the major airlines?
As others stated you are trying to get a CPU out of two huge elite traveler hubs. I am PLAT out of SFO and often fly to SEA and it is basically a non event. SEA to SFO is so crazy when they board GS a literally half the flight boards. I have almost had to gate check carry on as a BG1....crazy. Just a bunch of tech people with tons of status in and out of SFO and SEA.
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