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Originally Posted by uclacolumbiaunc View Post
I see. So "Tens of Dollars" are just terms to mock the real term "Time of Departure"... I only saw "Tens of Dollars" when I searched "TOD" in FT forums.

Maybe I should watch for cheap TOD upgrade offer next time I check in for my United flights... I would assume that elite status does not get you priority for cheap offer.
No, and many on here (including myself) vouch that by being an elite, your TOD offer will actually cost more to you than a non-elite.

I personally have proof of that.

Lastly, yes, you can watch for a TOD. When you check-in, it should give you an "upgrade now" option, and will list a price (usually ending in $XX9).

On a route like LAX/SFO, you may not even get the option should 100% of F class be full, which personally on busier days tends to be.
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