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Minimum time GRU/GIG - domestic arrival to international departure

Guidance requested on my dilemma below:-

I am flying from Ribeirao Preto (RAO) on evening of August 20th, can't depart before 6pm.... trying to get back to UK (LHR) in shortest possible time. What is not clear is the process I will need to go through on arrival from the domestic flight, before catching the international one, and how long to allow. I am prepared to do whole trip to Brazil hand luggage only if it helps my cause.....


1) RAO-->GRU with HAHN or TAM arriving 955pm. GRU-->LHR departing 1145 with TAM. 1h50 enough time?

1b) Related question, if internal and international flights were TAM would I need to collect and re-check bags in GRU, or could they go all the way from RAO?

2) RAO-->GIG with HAHN or TAM arriving 856pm. GIG-->FRA (Lufthansa) departing 1035pm. 1h40 enough time?

2b) Same as 1b, but about Rio?

3) Which is the better airport to try and make the domestic to International connection?

Advice and guidance gratefully received as I have been trying to find a good option for last 48h to avoid not getting home until Saturday!!

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