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Originally Posted by jona970318 View Post
With the automatic sorting systems these days the only difference the priority tags make is when your bags are being physically handled. I've also heard and is under the belief that bags with priority tags are placed in a different compartment/area of the plane so it comes out first. But of course, YMMV
Yep. Not every baggage handler has (or uses when has) readers.

The problems include narrow bodies where baggage is all hand-loaded, the arrival of early vs. late bags and how bags will be loaded for weight and balance issues.

The plane then flies, and the baggage is handled in order presented whether it's p-tagged or not; by this time some p-tag baggage is elsewhere in queue. They're not going to pile baggage and not load at cart or carousel whilst they're waitung for every p-tagged bag (nor are they likely to know of some blended in the bin mix).

Compounded by some locations where AA or contract employees just don't care.
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