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C. Neil
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Reno Circus Circus - Bid the Rate

This may be old news but I can't find any past postings. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong forum.

Anyway, have a great room in the "biggest little city in the world" for as little as $11.00 (winter) or $25 (summer).

If you call up circus circus's web page you are immediately shown a calendar with room rates. Note those that say "bid" and bid what you'd pay either on-line or by phone.

I did it first by phone and the conversation went something like this:

Me: What is this bid thing?

CS: Just what it says...tell me what you'd like to pay...minimum $11.00.

Me: Well, I want you to make something, do you think $25 would be fair? (This was last winter when the going mid-week rate was $49).

CS: Bid $11

Me: But I want to be reasonable.

CS: Bid $11

Me: OK...I'll bid $11

CS: How many nights?

Me: Two

CS: Your confirmation number is xxxxxx for two nights for a total of $22.00.

And they are great rooms...all recently redone in the Victorian style.

Beats Priceline hands down.

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