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Originally Posted by timtim2008 View Post
what you may not understand..(or care).

if you rate a driver a 4 (or less). you basically, telling uber to fire/suspend his/her driving account.

if there overall average rating falls below 4.5. they are deactivated from driving..

that's why the drivers all ask & beg you..
uber doesn't explain this to the customer very well (if at all).
so most people give 3 and 4 thinking its average. no harm no foul.
but you're basically getting the driver terminated.

uber know its can hire thousands of new drivers at any given moment, so they dont really care.

most uber drivers at best make $8 thru $12 an hour. and its his/her only source of income.

plus most cities are under $1 a mile. (the driver isnt really making any money, after car note, oil change, tires, etc.).

I agree with Timtim. These poor guys are just trying to earn a few bucks. I always default to 5 starts unless they do something wrong. It's not a College Entrance Exam, it's a way of keeping the driver employed. In the years I have been using Uber, I have had only two really bad drivers. One in New Orleans was a mess. She should not have been behind the wheel of any car let alone driving for Uber. I immediately contacted Uber after the ride, because I thought she was an accident waiting to happen. The other driver was just a nice guy, but he missed the freeway exit and didn't take my suggestion on re-routing. I gave him 4 stars out of 5.
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