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Why a birth certificate? Because most people who have been born have one... I do not believe most infants have a passport, drivers license, or school ID. A birth certificate is accessible enough to be practical while still serving as a deterrent to those who would try to pass a 2.5 year old as a lap child.

If you have another piece of identification they will accept that as all. We once used an immunization record that showed the infant's birth date when we had misplaced the birth certificate.
Then why don't they require a birth certificate of adults?

All of my children, prior to the age of 2 have had passports from 2 different countries, US passports card, US State driver's license(non-driving), postal ID, health insurance card, and some others I can't think of right now.

But they do not accept anything. Not even a US Passport Book. Only a birth certificate. What I wonder is, if there is something we can file to get exempted? To get my son's foreign passport, we had to submit his original birth certificate. Now there is no way we can get it in any feasible time. I have been waiting over 1.5 years for mine. We were born in the same state. My other son, just under 2, was born abroad, and there is NO WAY we can ever get his birth certificate in any feasible time frame.

Yeah, that's another thing. Do infants born abroad all pretty much need to purchase a ticket? I mean, who carries birth certificates around with them? I am in my 40s and have not needed mine in more than 2 decades. I just applied a year an a half ago, since we were in America. Thought I'd get one while we are here.

SWA is already purchased. No refunds. Not coming back to America ever. And they don't let you give your tickets to people anymore. Also, they are the only airlines we can afford in the USA. Especially since we are bringing 8 massive 24x24x12x50# crates with us for free!

Any ideas? Thanks!
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