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Although I am pretty versed on most of the Sierra, that is one in which I haven't spent a lot of time. I suspect your best source of info on the local area will be from the folks at your inn. That is part of their business, helping clients have a good time. I am sure they will have several good suggestions and may have maps. I am not familiar with that lodge but some will even pack a trail lunch for guests.

I have hiked thousands of miles in the Sierra over the years and never carried bear spray. Alaska, yes but that is a different animal. The Sierra bears are not grizzlies but rather the smaller black bears and do not tend to be very aggressive. Just make some noise as you hike so any bears will hear you coming and avoid approaching one and you will be fine. The only time they might get frisky is if you have smelly food or somehow get between a mother and cub. Don't do those things.

You don't mention when you are going but the weather has been pretty unsettled in the high country lately. It could be raining or it could be sunny and 90 degrees. Best to prepare for both and decide the morning before you go out how to dress.

Have a great time.
Thanks bud!

We're going in 3 weeks, which is the second weekend of August.

From all that I've read and researched, including suggestions from the lodge via their website, the Carson Pass trail loop from Winnemucca Lake to Round Top seems to be the most popular day hike and from the photos I've gathered online, it seems to be for good reason. The downside is that I've read that it can feel like Fifth Ave. on summer weekends, which is something I'd like to try and avoid.

One other option that I've considered, is a trail ride with Kirkwood Sierra Outfitters (http://www.kirkwoodsierraoutfitters.com) up to Granite Lake or possibly deeper into the Mokelumne Wilderness. I called earlier this evening and left a message requesting a call back so that I can shoot them a bunch of questions and get a bit more info to help decide.

Btw, I figured as much re. bears in the area but just wanted to be safe! I've never really trekked deep into the high country before; we usually stay around the valley closer to Yosemite and the surrounding foothills. I definitely want to explore more of the region though, especially the wilderness around June Lake and further south in King's Canyon and Sequoia. I'm planning at least one weekend road trip each month into the Sierra and hopefully one week-long trip in the fall all the way north to OR through Shasta and Redwoods NP.

There are also dozens of small and inexpensive family run inns and historic lodges in the small towns around Blairsden and Greagle, Cromberg, Sierra City, Soda Springs, etc. that fly under the radar of the summer Tahoe crowds. Many of which don't even have websites or TripAdvisor/Yelp listings. I'm looking forward to exploring a lot of them this summer. We've been so focused on int'l travel the past year that we haven't really had any opportunity to enjoy the sights and attractions in our own backyard.

The last trip we took through the area was in the low-country along the old forty-niner route from Groveland up to Camino to visit all the historic Gold Rush towns but that was almost a year ago and we didn't really get out into the wilds. I don't know why it's taken me until the end of July to plan this... the missus is in Tahoe this weekend for a wedding (she's accompanying her girl friend as a date) and I think my jealousy coupled with boredom sitting home alone is what inspired me to make it happen, hah. I've recharged my enthusiasm for getting out into nature and have spent the better part of today planning short weekend getaways for the next couple of months... June Lake in September, Yosemite and Big Sur in October, etc!

I'll revive this thread with photos and some follow-up info about the trip and the trails around Carson Pass when we get back from Silver Lake in a few weeks, if you're interested.

Thanks again!
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