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I understand why some disagree, but I see nothing wrong with having a small place in a hotel that is child-free. Particularly where you'd like an "adult atmosphere" . Of course adults misbehave as well, but that's a different issue.

IC Vienna is one amongst many that have a terrible problem with some visitors basically abandoning children with their nanny all day in the lounge where they spend all day playing on the computers, covering the keyboard with the free snacks .. and running around whilst parents go off and shop. Inexperienced staff or staff who do not wish to be the target of a complaint are understandably very reticent to control this. Most have a perfectly adequate suite which is the best place for that. The management of IC Singapore saw the sense of evening cocktails being child free ... they have a perfectly adequate place for their kids to scream and annoy others elsewhere.... working on breakfast also being child free ......

I see nothing wrong with the situation where 95% of a hotel is available to adults with their sproggs but 5% being a sprogg-free haven. It seems perfectly reasonable to me.

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