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Originally Posted by 141park
Thanks. Several of my Paypal purchases made on Ebay didn't qualify.

So, it looks like its hit and miss right now.
A couple of pages back someone else had the same problem on gift cards. They called Citi and Citi changed them to 3X's. My experience is over 15 purchases on Ebay and paying all with paypal and all were 3X's but none were gift cards.
Good luck

Originally Posted by joemandan
Currently on VZW and planning to use this to switch to ATT. So I would just sign up for this card, buy phone and then once it arrives go to ATT and sign up for service using that device?
I'm a existing AT&T customer but that's what I did. I know they will port your # if you want to keep the same #.

Originally Posted by kyroadrunner
My wife and I applied and were approved last night. I thought it was odd neither of us have received an email from Citi. Is this typical? I was hoping for a welcome email so I could go ahead and set up our online accounts. Hoping the card arrives soon.
It's been 2 months but I just found the confirmation. It came 4 days after account was approved. I know I couldn't add the card to my Citi accounts until I had it in hand and activated.

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