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You come to find out that a corp travel agency isn't your friend. Unless you are the person signing the contract, you are just another victim.

While my company has an agency, and I did approve the agreement I use a private concierge agent. Utterly amazing...but I digress.

I suspect you could say "I need you to send me a printout of the blah blah, without any missing lines from blah blah...etc... To get what you need from the agency. The pnr number alone won't do it. What you want is the the history. I've got into pissing matches between us and agent has sent me text that aa placed in the record about US.

You need a travel agent to tell you what to request.

I also don't think a new agent can take over a PNR. I don't think AA is suppoosed to provide this, although on occasion I've gotten parts printed at a ticket counter. If it was the agency's fault and you were AT a ticket counter, telling the agent 'my agent is lying and blaming AA, I need something that shows they screwed up'... But again, if this got back to the agency and into a pissing match, that agent might get blowback.

Not much help I guess...
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