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Originally Posted by Auerbach View Post
Is there general consensus on how to interpret the "18 months" language?:

"Hilton HHonors Bonus Points offer not available if you have had a Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature Card account that was opened or closed in the past 18 months."

Upon first read, it looks like you have to have your Citi Hilton account closed for 18 months before you're eligible for another bonus. But it says "opened or closed," which would imply that if your account was opened more than 18 months ago, but never closed, then you're eligible. That would also suggest that, if you then closed that account, you would go from being eligible to ineligible for the next 18 months, which seems illogical. But that's how I interpret the language. Does anyone agree or disagree?
That's the consensus in the Citi AA thread, where the 18 month language has been around much longer than for Citi HHonors cards.

Citi appears to count from events, such as the card opening event or the card closing event, whichever was most recent.

Which is why cards (that are subject to "18 month" language on new apps) should be closed only around the same time a new card is opened. Only then will the 18 months from the last close be about the same as the 18 months from the last open.

Since this Citi HH card has no annual fee, if you've not gotten one lately, you should there keep any current one(s) open until it's time when you can apply for a new one. Remember to use them at least once or twice a year to avoid Citi cancelling them for "inactivity", since a cancelling by Citi is a "close".

Similarly, the consensus is that a conversion is treated by Citi as a "close" of the card you converted. So you cannot skirt the 18 month "rule" by converting instead of closing.
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