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Originally Posted by wackyflyer View Post
Coming back from MEL ~ 3 weeks ago they were checking everyone's passport at the gate, so going a quick switch on the jetbrige seems a bit dodgy.

How old is your dad? You could tell a white lie and say he's feeling a pit poorly at the gate or as you board, and would like to swap. I think that would likely be best. (though he might get looked at oddly if he askes for more champagne in J.).

I wouldn't just swap seats, particularly in to J as it might be a little embarrassing for him if he is confronted, while your are down the back of the plane.

If you don't ask there is a very good chance that they will notice in J given they have list of customers, not infrequently (and somewhat annoyingly often shake customers hands individually at the end of the flight)
I'd be careful with that. I once was not feeling well in in international Koru Lounge, they called onsite paramedics, who then called St John's, who then took me to hospital. Despite all of them finding nothing wrong; they were very risk adverse.
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