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>For example I would want Nobel Biocare or Straumann implants and not one of the cheap Israeli alternatives<

That's useful and appreciated information that I can act on. I have no idea what I'm doing. I only need a crown or implant for one tooth.

There is a lot I don't know about teeth, but it seems the silver fillings have a habit of cracking teeth, which is what happened to my molar. It makes me want to replace them with composites. I read a little too that upper molars are a problem since the bone is hollow and thin due to sinuses, so I may do a crown while I can. (I don't remember if my problem was on an upper or lower.) It appears molars are more of a problem for implants in any case, so I may be better off with a crown.

I may will probably get the crown or implant done here in the US.

Thanks tons for your post!

PS: I found an implant source in my area that has 3 dentists who together have done over 5000 implants over 35 years. They state "We have a fully stocked dental lab with replacement parts dating back to the original implants." They claim much of their business is referrals from area dentists.

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