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Originally Posted by Mwenenzi View Post
You be better as ask on the aircraft as you are boarding and before you sit.
Swapping during flight will be dodgy and probably frowned upon.
Good point. I forgot about the onlookers. Maybe we'll try to board last so we don't hold up the flow of passengers and can ask a bit more discretely.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Can't you just swap boarding passes in the jetway? If a FA notices the name on the manifest, would it be obvious that either of you is not the other one? Do both of you appear to be of the same gender if either one has a gender-specific first name?
That would be perfect if it was mum (she can no longer travel), but I'm his daughter and I don't think he'd pass for my name.

Trying to crunch some APD numbers to cover one way. Have some flights before the MEL flight but suspect the price would go up closer the date and the newly accrued APD still wouldn't cover. Will see if they let me recall an APD upgrade to contribute.

Another idea, what if I paid for the fare difference of me in business one way and still asked to swap? Would they be more amenable to that as they still get a full fare vs it being an APD upgrade (which doesn't sound like I'll be able to do that) but then the only dodgy part is that I would get the SP and APD (dad doesn't need them) but air nz gets a full fare still? Although that would be crap if they said no.
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