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Originally Posted by superangrypenguin View Post
Has anyone else noticed Ben appears to no longer post on this board?
Well, first of all, it is summer now and I wouldn't be surprised if Ben L wants to take time off and enjoy life. Secondly, his job is at Air Canada, not here. If he has his hands full at his day job, I would not expect him to spend time here. Besides, if he is already taking on stress at his day job, why come here and subject himself to further emotional abuse?

I feel bad for the official AC reps here, as they need to defend a slimy corporation's every move. They genuinely want to provide helpful information, but the top guys in their corporate echelon just keep throwing them under the bus by introducing 'enhancements' that further alienate their customers. Being the official AC reps meant that they can't speak freely, unlike their front line colleagues here who aren't given the 'official reps' in their FT handle.
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