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Originally Posted by winnipegrev
If I were them I wouldn't return, at least trying to be candid as Ben has before (people just jumped on him for that, I'm still being forced to read about X elite cheaping of Y or Z... Or J ). I don't think the positive things they are able to add clarity to outweigh the negativity on anything they post by those certain half-dozen people.

Looking at threads they have added to, I think they tend to spin more negative than if they just stayed out.
I'm not so sure, when they were adding a lot over the years well between the Ben's and Andrew it seems to have been generally constructive and helpful. I know I really appreciated the insight.

Have to admit though for a while the site was taking a real negative spin and bit got a bit tired - it even made me take a break for a while, just didn't find the discussions interesting or informative. The negativity seems to have died down a bit now though.

Who knows. Hopefully they're still watching, and will weigh in again eventually.
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