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Originally Posted by Flythe96flag View Post
Yes, it is more than possible, foolproof even. On arrival you decant into the departures area so nothing to worry about. ^ You can walk around for a bit to stretch your legs, use the lavatory, or pop into one of the kiosks or Starbucks. Boarding starts 30-45 min after arrival, very quiet and leisurely altogether as it's one of the last, if not the last flight to depart for the night. Just remember, even though it is a Schengen flight, the GA's will need to check your passport, per Spain's policy.

The meal served on the return is breakfast, which you can choose to be served after departure at 00:55 or alternatively right before arrival.

I do feel bad for the crew, who operate both the outbound and the return as well.
Thank you, very helpful. Trying to decide whether to do this back to back or wimp out and enjoy the sun for a day or two! I agree, it must be a tough rotation for the crew and i don't envy them.
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