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Originally Posted by curiousGal View Post
- I saw J class for one passenger for both ORD-DOH and DOH-HYD segments. Immediately blocked it and a new record locator created.
- I saw J for 2nd passenger for only ORD-DOH; Y class from DOH-HYD. I held this reservation too. AA agent noted down 'voluntary downgrade' for 2nd segment. Passengers may not mind parting for the 2nd segment.
- As I mentioned before, I already have EY in J for both of them in Sep.

What I plan to do:
- As suggested, I plan to book QR. But the way I reserved the tickets, 2 rec locators are now created for 2 passengers. they are not under one rec locator.
- If the seats open for Oct for EY, then swell! no charge. I can also request for chauffeur service with EY. In that case, I need to cancel QR tickets then. This will incur $150 + $150 in fees, since both passengers have 2 different rec locators.
Did I get this right?

I am prepared to pay $175 for both travelers. But I plan to wait until September and cancel EY, if EY doesn't have seats in Oct. Thoughts?
I think you've almost got it. Good news: even if the QR tickets are on separate records, and you need to cancel them, it should only be $150 + $25 assuming the miles are coming from the same account and you cancel them at the same time.

From aa.com: "The reinstatement charge is $150 per account for the first award ticket. Additional award tickets reinstated to the same account at the same time will have a $25 charge per ticket."
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