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Originally Posted by Big4Flyer View Post
If your infant is <9 months and still isn't very mobile yet then I'd say visit as many places as you want to. IME before they start moving around you really don't have to plan as much around them because they just sit there, they can sleep anywhere, and they're still easy to feed. If you infant likes moving around though you may need to slow down a bit.
There are so many myths about infants, and this post hits the main ones pretty effectively.

1. infants can sleep anywhere? I know dozens, if not hundreds of them who disprove that one. Some babies can, but many don't, requiring maybe a dark room, or specific bedding, or a strict schedule.

2. words like "colic" and "teething" come to mind. Colic earlier, teething later, but neither is predictable and can involve a lot of crying.

3. if the infant is still solely on liquids, they're easy to feed, but once any form of solids/purees are started, the process can be messy and time consuming.

I'm not saying don't travel with an infant, I'm saying plan carefully and make choices that optimize your chances of having an enjoyable trip. Stay in one place longer, spend less time journeying to and fro, book a place with separate bedroom and living space (less disruption to napping), try to get a kitchenette so not every meal has to be taken in a restaurant. Don't assume that the way the infant is today will be the way the child is in a month or two.

Most of all, be flexible on the road, because your child's needs and abilities may change suddenly - they stop napping, they start walking, they get diaper rash or colic, etc. If you are locked in a tight schedule of train trips and long drives, the child's new needs can make a mess of your plans.

p.s. Amsterdam is a very difficult city to navigate with a stroller.
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