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I visit Bogota and the surrounding areas to work with orphan kids. One time I was there attending a US Ambassador language school. There they make you live in a house, instead of a hotel, with a Spanish-speaking family, so you can't speak English. While I was there, another lady was staying with that family from Australia. She was there to get her teeth done, and she said people fly there to get their teeth done because of the quality of the work. I don't have any personal experience, but I plan to go there anyway, and wondered if it still made sense to get a crown done there, which I don't need immediately, but might cause me a problem down the road.

Let's not forget that Lasik surgery was invented and developed there, and used there long before it made it to Europe, Canada, and the US. Colombia's biggest problem has been brain drain. Their education is top notch, well supported. The problem is, the rest of the world knows that too, and use money to suck them elsewhere such as Switzerland, Spain, or the US.

I've been in remote mountain cities and had a group of med students come up to me that wanted to check my blood pressure and other things as part of their training. In the orphanages, undergraduate teachers come in to teach the kids. Being and IT guy, I thought I would fool a guy my age with a computer game that had tricky logic to win. He had the solution in his head in few minutes that took me hours. I'm a military academy and flight school graduate, and was highly sought after by IBM and others, and featured in two national magazines for my work in crafting large custom solutions for automotive suppliers. They are not stupid. I learned a taxi driver I had, had a 4 year degree in engineering, and was looking for a job.

On one visit, I applied at the American School in Bogota. There teachers don't need to know Spanish because everything is in English past the second grade. However, I also learned they have two different tracks, the US track and the Colombian track. You are not qualified to go to a Colombian university if you take the US track, so if your kids are going to be there for a while and they may want to go to a Colombian university, then they must take the Colombian track. If they cannot pass the Colombian track, then the US track is the way to go, and send them to the US for college.

Colombia has its problems. They have a saying there that goes, "In Colombia they will steal a hole". It really means it doesn't have to have any value, it's just what they do. Scamming can make you a hero in a sizable segment of the population, and the rest will tell you how to avoid it. That means much of the economy tied up in security roles and theft insurance is to costly to make sense. On the other hand, they are also some of the most caring people I've ever met. Don't even mention something you would like to do or they will take off from work to help you do it. Also feelings get hurt easily, so be careful what you say.
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