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Well this was today's surprise in the middle-of-nowhere. I've been through ANE before but not seen a lounge facility at one of the smallest airport's on BA's network but vscxfan did mention it in this thread. And today there certainly was a lounge, of sorts. Allow me to introduce the Angers British Airways Club's (sic) Room.

It's the most bijou lounge I've ever encountered, so small that I wasn't able to get my camera achieve the focal length to take decent photos. I didn't actually bother to sit in the lounge, but they enforced fast track: an agent approached me while I was poking around the airport's facilities and said "Monsieur CWS, you may board now". The others were invited to walk across to the aircraft only after I had got on board.

ANE - Club's Room

Contract lounge
Angers Loire Métropole Airport.
Airside, left after security and in front of the gate.

Opening hours:
Around BA's flights, of which there aren't many.

Self selecting since the door is open and the lounge is unstaffed (there is not really space for a lounge agent). However interlopers risk being turfed out by the nearby gate agent, and there's nowhere to hide your humiliation.

Food and beverage
Nespresso machine and capsules,including caffeine free. Sugar, no milk. Water (Cristaline). Actually non status passengers are also allowed this. Vending machine for Coke, Coke Zero, Nestea Iced Tea, Vittel and Orange Fanta, €2 in coins only. Strictly speaking there is no food or drink supplied in the lounge, there isn't space for it.
No champagne.

Entertainment and business facilities.
Accommodation consists of 2 DSF style sofas and 2 desk chairs, one desk, so the maximum capacity is 6 passengers, 7 if someone sits on the desk. Power socket (EU standard). A selection of French magazines are available to read. Flat screen TV. Rubbish bin.

Miscellaneous information:
The lounge has no toilets but they are just outside in the airside seating area.

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