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Originally Posted by pdx1M View Post
The thing is that the no-FTF is really more a benefit to Amex these days because it is hard to imagine a regular traveler who doesn't already have 1 or more cards that have no FTF. So really, dropping the FTF just gets Amex business that they would have lost otherwise. Also, as has been pointed out elsewhere, it takes 1K of spend to break even on the FTF in any case. So I certainly see less than $30 value in dropping the FTF (and I do spend well above the 1K internationally annually but just do it on the CSP card which has very good benefits.
You have summed this up pretty well. Dropping the FTF, just gives the consumer another option to consider when they travel overseas. I am sure there are those cardholders who valued SPG points so high that they probably still used the SPG AMEX card overseas and now that they see this "new" benefit, they will think it's a better value even with the $30 increase in annual fee.

The ironic thing is I know many people have posted on FT sharing their opinion about how one of the negatives with the SPG AMEX was the FTF. AMEX now drops the FTF, but increases the annual fee by $30 and people aren't happy. My guess is that if the FTF that one would have accumulated on an international trip(s) was that much annually then the points earned would well offset the increase in the annual fee.
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