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Flew this morning EWR->CVG->XXX. I'm a GM and my upgrade cleared at the 3-day window and the flight seemed not overly full with 5 of 12 open seats in F at T-24. Due the intense rain Sunday/Monday there must have been some cancellations and the flight wound up going out totally full with a dozen folks on the standby list and 5-6 on the UG list.

I have a GM tag on my carryon bag (sue me). I was towards the back of the line when F was called and a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder.

"excuse me, are you in first"
"did you buy the ticket"
"no, Delta upgraded me as a frequent flier"
"but youre a gold, i'm a platnium and i didnt get upgraded. did you pay full Y for your ticket"
"i'm not really sure, the r/t ticket was only a few hundred dollars so it was probably still a discounted ticket of some sort"

of course he then approaches the GA and demands that he be given a seat in first class. He's a platnium medallion and the lowly golds and silvers shouldnt be taking seats in first over him. He's been dealing with flight delays all day and the least Delta can do is accomodate him in first class instead of someone who 'doesnt fly all that much.'

I get that flight delays suck, and he probably had a seat in F on his original flight. But this gentleman just gave off as an entitled a--hole. And not for nothing, he was in EC and F really isnt all that excited on a late morning flight from EWR->CVG on a CR9. That PDB of apple juice and 2 inches of seat width really make all the difference.
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