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Originally Posted by SC Alum View Post
1000 points weekend bonus is an okay promo considering Marriott does not even have a promotion at all. As for the free weekend nights, I think it is an good promo, because it has been a while since we've had free weekend nights. A 3 nights limit every 5 nights, makes it a good but not great program. Both promo valid concurrently, makes it a great time to stay at Sheraton!

I will certainly alter some stays to get the free nights and points. And definitely much lesser Marriott nights.
Glad it works for you, it doesnt for me, doesnt even come close. Till the economy tanks I dont expect anything to pop up that is worthwhile.

Again Im on my own dime and will get my Plat status again for who knows how many yrs running, and presently 9 away from requalifying. Cruching the #s it comes out its not a viable option for me, espeically being that they have to used on Weekends. I could sort of hear it for someone who isnt on their own dime.

Its not only SPG but practically all the programs after the devaluations of '15 make it usually not worthwhile for me to chase after their promos. This wasnt the case a # of yrs ago. With several LT status already achieved for me its now all about Loyalty but thats Loyalty to my pocket! So if there are 2 hotels and I end up with basically the same from both, then the rate will be the determining factor. So if *W is $10 more and I wont get anything near that back in benefits over say MR then Im staying @ MR

Between the airlines and hotels and even car rental companys alot of it is a suckers game, especially if you are footing the bill.

Loyalty begins and ends with my pocket
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