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Originally Posted by nicolas75
Fast lane (after landing) for immigration controls : dedicated fast lane indicated for SkyPriority passengers (but you have to negotiate as a document - did not understand which one - is required to get access to the fast lane )
Originally Posted by irishguy28
French nationals are exempt from requiring a visa to enter TURKEY - one of the few nations who do not need to buy a visa on arrival. I suspect that the "document" you are referring to was whatever agent's attempt to show that most people need to get in line to buy a visa before they can join the line (fast track or normal) to pass through immigration.
Originally Posted by nicolas75
Are you sure?

Why didn't she ask where I came from?

The situation was really embarrassing. I was the first to get off the plane and when I arrived at the immigration control, there was a huge queue (and it was late in the evening).

I was happy to see that there was a fast lane for SkyPriority passengers (with some other airlines), but when I arrived at the end of the lane, the lady repeated : "Have you [some document]. Ticket does not matter!!"

Everybody was complaining, and we showed the SkyPriority sign, but she repeated : "Ticket does not matter! You must have [the document]!". When I asked where can I get it, she did not reply.

She asked her supervisor to come. 5 minutes after some other people complaing, she said: "How many are you? ok, go!"
Originally Posted by nicolas75
No, she showed me some little pink/red piece of paper.

Nobody in the line was understanding what she really wanted.
Originally Posted by nicolas75
Is there any immigration/security fast lane:

Despite the SkyPriority sign, you need a TAV primeclass Fast Track Card (you can only get it at IST airport, so ask for one at AF check-in ciunter for your next flight

Same story. Despite the SkyPriority sign, you need to ask for a TAV card at check-in counter.
"Fast track has nothing to do with SkyPriority" said again and again the lady at Fast Track control, despite the SP sign and the fact that you can get a card at check-in as Skyteam Elite Plus

The AF supervisor did not know about the issue (and did not even know that there is a SkyPriority logo at the entry of the Fast Track).
Originally Posted by stimpy
I've used the fast track at IST many times. The guard there just wants to see some kind of evidence that you aren't just some bum off the street. I've never had a problem using that lane even when flying economy.

I love the Access 1 at CDG and wish they had something like that at AMS. I'm about to fly to AMS and I'll have to stand in the generic line with all the tourists.
Originally Posted by stimpy
You walk all the way down to the end at the last booth for business class. IME a business class BP, or economy BP with elite status, or just a white man in a suit is all it takes. But the decision seems to be arbitrary so no guarantees.
I'm posting from Skyteam lounge in IST. I read again this thread after my arrival in IST a few days ago but I should have read it before leaving France. I think I took the same flight as Nicolas75, arriving in IST around 23:15. We were 10 min late, disembarking by bus and then arrived around 23:45 in a complete nightmare at immigration : I'm talking about I think 1000-1500 people in line at both the lines for Turkish citizens and the line for visitors. All the parallel lines for queuing were completely full and so there was an overflow of people in corridors leading to the immigration points. On my way there I was desesperatly looking for a priority lane. I saw a line labeled "TK business class passengers + the star alliance logo, but no Sky Priority sign anywhere (or I completely miss it). So I guessed that there was no priority lane for AF pax and I was wrong obviously reading this thread. It took me 1h15 to clear this mess in a 35 degrees room. Definitely not a pleasant experience. I arrived at my hotel at 1:30 am

So after having read this thread and despite being OLCIed and only having carry-on, I stopped at the AF counters (subcontractors) and they indeed gave me a fast track card. I complained about the situation on arrival and it was obvious that they were aware of it and so they gave me another card for my next arrival.
But as regular immigration counters were deserted for departure this afternoon, I didn't use it and so I have 2 now
Seriously, AF should address this. In BKK, where you need also fast track card, staff is waiting in the jetway to distribute them. Or they should convince the airport to abandon those stupid cards and just scan BP to check eligibility and bill the airline for the service.
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