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I filed a complaint under the EU regs regarding my flight that was cancelled 3 hours after scheduled departure time a few weeks ago. I was offered a 600 euro voucher to use with La Compagnie in the future. However, my travel partner was offered 600 euros in cash compensation to be put on the credit card he used to book the flight, which is what the EU regs mandate anyway. Our complaint e-mails sent to La Compagnie were almost identical because I sent mine first, then he copied my formatting. In addition, our response e-mails were literally word-for-word identical except for the short 5-6 word section on the type of compensation we were receiving for the cancellation. Sent by the same person too.

I don't understand why I got different treatment. I have been cordial and professional with them despite all of the hassle. My paycheck was docked more than this voucher is worth due to missing a full day of work. So it looks like I will have to go back and contact them again and once more request the 600 euro compensation per the EU regs. I'd prefer not to use one of those services that charges a 25% fee.
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