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AF is lost, hence they asked some industry experts to take a look at options and present various scenarios for the future for the Group. I fear MOL already made fun of one of the options recently in an interview with a French paper.

This is a great step forward from people within AF who did not lose the sense of reality. AF is running out of time and should have options for the future, aside from the old one, asking the tax payer for help.

More than 15 years ago, Alitalia was also an option for KLM, because Pieter Bouw was smart enough to understand the future for a carrier the size of KLM. Alcazar did not happen, so in the process carriers like Lufthansa and Air France benefitted from it and they were simply given time to develop their options

Later that decade Alitalia became an option again and the beautiful Italian bride was able to lure the Dutch very close to their spider web called Malpensa. Fortunately, the Dutch realized the trap and only lost some 1XX million in the process, otherwise I fear both would have been dead by now or the respective tax payers would have bailed them out. ( in the NL they seem to be realistic about the future and bailouts judging from Fokker and Lelystad Museum...)

More importantly; Alitalia, Italy and Malpensa is not what it used to be. Italian domestic traffic used to be highly lucrative, now we have high speed rail and low cost competition, Malpensa turned out to be an airport from the 1970's and not the late 1990's and Linate is still operating, so Alitalia is really only an option for carriers with deep pockets trying to buy influence in the EU, aka Etihad or Qatar.

Nevertheless, the feeder traffic fed into AMS and CDG should not be underestimated, we all know that the feeder slaves within Europe are not really making money, so it will be interesting to see how AF/KL manage to connect a major European market to their networks.

KLM already lost a major feeder once, when LH purchased Eurowings and needed years to recover (KLM Alps was not that important)

Under the bottom line, another issue for the KL/AF, which they really do not need to have on their desks right now...
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