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Originally Posted by prasha11 View Post

Don't worry about anything in writing now....u may not need it or they will not give, do not get distracted. Stay on your Mantra 'I want my $1400" (no excuses attitude)
Why not? If they dont get it now, most likley once a suit lands in their lap you can forget about them even talking on the phone to you ,as the acct will be marked do not speak to this person under any circumstances refer them to ___ Dept

The OP can simply say they want to file a dispute with their CC and the CC needs a letter that in fact the H&R was loaded to the tune of $1400 on such a date and by loading $200 7 times. Doubt H&R will know what kind of Debit Vards were used. Of cause once said letter is in their hands they can always change their mind and decide not to file a Dispute but rather sue H&R or whomever

I am not a lawyer(liar) and never went to law school
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