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Because you are assuming that the other side will show up and admit that the OP did in fact load their H&R card properly, but for whatever reason H&R decided(probably not H&R but the bank behind it all, as was the case with a TM card) to shut down the acct and refund the funds to the source it came from

Then again unless a person takes a screen shot after every single load to show the new updated balance , we have no proof that in fact we actually did load a card.

No different then an a car accident where the party at fault tells you they are willing to pay to fix your car and no need to get the cops or the ins comapnys involved.Youa gree, when you tell them teh amount they say youre nuts and wont pay you.Then they call their ins company up and claim it was all your fault.

Pt is before it gets before a judge or whomever H&R can say as they please once it gets before them no way to know if they will sing a different song then the one they have been singing till now.

Yes but I can get the last transactions in writing from them....or atleast I think I can. I will try to do that today just in case I have to show it in a lawsuit.
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