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Common values for UA miles are around 1.9-2.3c, giving you 1.2-1.6c/$ back after Visa gouges you 0.7c.
Average value for IHG points is 0.66c (via Hotel Hustle), which makes 0.73c with the 10% MC rebate on reward nights. Clearly nowhere close, but for all those food and fuel purchases that earn double points (most of what I spend when I go out), so that's almost 1.5c/$, towards the high end of the UA estimate.

If your redemptions are average, it's hard to pick a winner in that scenario. It is easy to get significantly higher returns on either scheme, but that depends on what rewards you book.
chase CSP: 2x on travel/dining

chase IHG: 2x on gas/grocery/restaurant

I have a BoA Travel Rewards Visa Sig (0% FTF) that gives between 1.5%/1.65%/1.875%/2.25%/2.625% back on all spend (depending where you are on the Preferred Rewards program)... Have a trip later this year, see how much they(BoA/Visa) gouge me

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Could you guys elaborate a little bit more your method of calculation? Thanks a lot!
Your statement should show you the foreign $ and USD $... From this, you can imply the fx rate

Even if you swipe the same card within the same hour of the same day, the rate may be different, and it may be based on yesterday's, today's, or based on when the charge was posted, mid rates for those days, highest rates for those days etc.... Just compare the rates with visa, mastercard, xe +/- 3 days


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