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It's refreshing to know that there are others who are fair instead of just looking out for their own interest mindless of how it'll affect others.

OP, I have a receipt of VGCs I purchased from Staples for the $20 MIR. This is what the entry looks like:

1 $200 VISA GIFT
076750095160 200.00N
S/N#: 951xxxx (30 digit code)
1 $6.95 VISA GIFT CA
xxxxxx 6.95N

I'm not too sure if the S/N # would be enough for card issuer to trace the cards you bought. You can try pressuring HRB to give you the VGC numbers where they said they put back the funds. See what they say first before you contact CFPB to find out from them what your options are in case HRB refuses to cooperate with your reasonable request. Good luck!
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