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Just got off MNL-IST on the A340 in C. The seat is indeed quite uncomfortable for sleeping. Not recommended as there are so many good alternatives to fly to MNL. This was my first flight with TK for years and quite a disappointment. I knew not to expect a lot hardware-wise in an old plane but service was poor too. There were only about 10 of us in Business class served by 4-5 crew members:

- no pre take-off drink offered (a first for me in LH C)
- wines were poor, dinner food was not bad
- the purser rudely told me: 'Don't talk to me when you're wearing the headset'. Fine, he may have a point but let's try to stay polite towards a paying premium passenger
- About 2,5 hours before landing bright cabin lights were abruptly turned on and they started breakfast service. Really, could this not have been an hour later as everyone was sleeping at the time (and just 10 pax to take care of)
- Breakfast order was taken at dinnertime. Yet, they had to ask everything again in the morning
- The breakfast omelette looked liked it had been flown in from IST on the outbound flight. I did not dare taste it

Lastly, amusing little detail: Prior to landing on IFE they showed what appeared to be a Turkish government e-visa commercial. This was run twice and in Turkish only. Now, I wonder how many people who need a visa for Turkey actually speak Turkish!
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