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La Compagnie offered 3 options for cancelled flight passengers: (1) refund and a free future flight on La Compagnie, (2) stay in hotel overnight with allowance for food and taxi and then La Compagnie books you in business class the next day on another airline or (3) get a refund, wait until the next La Compagnie flight 3 days later, and try to get a spot on it.

Most people from my flight went with option 1 because they were locals who could just head back home. This was my return flight, though, so I went with 2. Though I ended up on Delta and had a much nicer flight than I would have had with La Compagnie, I had to wait until 5:30am or so the next day to actually receive this flight information. It was overall a pretty stressful and exhausting experience, which I do not recommend even if you are flexible with your travel dates unless you really enjoy staying in subpar motels near airports with bad food and no communication. I believe my time is worth more than the savings. I wish I had waited a bit on booking so that I could have taken advantage of OW's CDG sale.
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